Cresco Head Office – Via Garibaldi 8 Genova – Italy


Back in 2002, just a couple of years after graduating in structural engineering, Fabio Parodi and Marco Panzano joined Antonio Parodi who was managing an office of 3 people nearby Genova (Italy) and they started a professional collaboration. Gaining in experience and maintaing the initial passion, Marco and Fabio had the chance to demonstrate their skills in the industrial sector. In barely ten years Cresco passed from being a little office in the countryside to a reputable consulting engineering firm with an international portfolio of projects ranging from residential, commercial, industrial and nuclear fields.

In this period, remarkable projects were successufully delivered such as the AP1000 Nuclear Power Plant, Oman Rolling Mill, Aeroville Shopping Mall, Arvedi Steel Plant, Duferco Quenching and Tempering Plant etc.

In 2013 Fabio moved and opened a new branch in New Zealand as Cresco won an international design contest for the New Zealand Earthquake Commission. At this point Cresco’s board made the strategic decision to divert resources from the conventional consulting business into research and development of new technologies within the construction field.

An innovative interlocking waffle raft technology (subsequenlty commercialized under the brands Armadillo, RibRaft Xpod, BIAX) together with other devices and tools, were patented and they came to life (read more).

Alongside with the activities related to the new technologies Cresco progressed with the consulting activities working on international projects such as Station F and U-Arena

From 2019 our South Pacific operations have expanded to Australia where BIAX system was launched and preliminary contacts have started in the US.

Today Cresco is connecting like-minded professionals from across our multiple global office and is looking for Corporate Partners in Europe, Australasia and the US (read more).