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U-Arena, the largest roofed stadium in Europe.


Cresco collaborated with LMSteel for the modelling of a portion of the roof of the largest roofed stadium in Europe. Tekla Structures has been used by the integrated team for the BIM.

The U-Arena is a multi-use stadium in the heart of Paris. It is the largest indoor arena in Europe. Developed by Racing Arena for the Racing-Metro 92 rugby team. Designed by Architect Christian De Portzampare, construction began in December 2013 and was finished in late 2017 with a cost of €360 million. The roof of the complex was originally designed to remain open but eventually altered to remain fixed to ensure acoustic performance excellence and reduce the noise levels around the city. This means the stage can be use in all weather conditions and installation can be fitted beforehand this in turn cuts down on last minute preparations.

The Paris La Defense Arena originally named the U Arena is going to be the home for the 2020 Paris summer Olympic games gymnastic and weightlifting events. For the sponsorship and publicity for this major upcoming sporting event the stadium has been renamed to “Arena 92”.

This venue is available in three different configurations.  Its normal seating capacity is for 32,000 people, whilst for concerts it can seat 40,000.  A movable stand allows for the stadium to convert to allow only 5,000 people to be seated.  The U-Arena also includes 33,000 square metres of office space, student rooms, shops, a brewery and a large restaurant.  With only 24 hours the arena can be switched from an auditorium to a sports facility.  The ground can then be covered in artificial turf for sporting events or protective tiles when in auditorium mode.

The U-Arena was also designed to be highly energy efficient through the installation of modern technologies and the use of renewable energy. Rainwater can be collected and stored and reused for landscaping. The latest technologies have also been integrated inside the U-Arena with e-ticketing, Bluetooth terminals and Wi-Fi throughout the facility. U-Arena has been fitted out with bars 3,000 business seats and the facility also provides a unique 2000 square metre high definition screen which enables simultaneous broadcast when needed.


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