OARC Rolling Plant

A 250,000 m2 investment at the Sohar Industrial Estate


Cresco, in collaboration with Aldo Signorelli Studio Associato, undertook the design and the overall project supervision of the structures and infrastructures of the Oman Aluminum Rolling plant.

We asked Pierluigi Biancheri, our client's project director, what are the factors that make a consulting engineering firm successful in the current market.

People often think that, to have success at work and particularly in the world of Professions, contacts are necessary, even in politics, as well as having low or very low costs. Well, perhaps it may be enough for the first experience, but not for the second one, if the buyer understands how badly he spent his money.
If he understands it immediately this will be good for him, otherwise things will get enormously complicated when he will have to face all the troubles in site. At that point, if the customer is a private contractor he will have therefore wasted resources, whether if he's a public administrator, sooner or later he will lose credibility and the proxies received. So...

The quality of the work was exemplary as well as flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the main contractor who have congratulated with the team more than once.Pierluigi Biancheri

The real strength of a Practitioner or a Professional study is a quality performance, or better still an excellent performance. With this feature the price, while important, becomes a second line factor.
Well, this is my personal experience, in the occasion of the de- velopment of multidisciplinary engineering detail of a plant for the rolling of aluminum, in Oman. FATA EPC S.p.A. assigned this project to PMS Engineering S.p.A.. The latter has dealt with some technical issues and coordinated the work of others, engaged in specialized disciplines such as those of civil, structural and electrical engineering.

When I was asked to take care of it, I wanted to personally verify the real chances of success for the challenge to undertake. As would be right to do under these circumstances, I wanted to touch the real capabilities of the various actors, considering their past experience, interviewing each key figure and assessing the congruence of the workforce with tasks and deadlines in the contract. In particular, in the international context in which we were moving, threatened by a large and increasingly fierce competition, it became crucial a correct initial evaluation to avoid having to make corrective operations during the work and to create unacceptable delays.

In particular, a discipline that required attention was that of civil engineering, in fact, while it’s fairly easy to identify companies that deal with conventional civil engineering, is very hard to find structures with high capacity and a specialization in civil engineering industry (steel, Oil & Gas and plants for the production of energy such as nuclear or hydroelectric ones). Conscious of this reality even after the long experience gained in these areas, I welcomed with surprise and enthusiasm the opportunity to have in my working group professionals as Aldo Signorelli, Fabio Parodi and Marco Panzano.

That was the first moment I realized that the challenge I was going to face could be won... and this happened. The quality of the work was exemplary as well as flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the main contractor who praised the team in several circumstances.

In addition to technical skills, another quality that I appreciated was the proactivity and guidance to reach the goal of common success.
For example, at the beginning of activities, Cresco designers realized that the wind speed indicated in the technical specifications received from the customer was higher than it would have been expected on the basis of other experiences in the area. Through a survey carried out on its own initiative and completely independently at the Malaysian University Institute who had issued the specifications, Cresco has obtained an official statement, accepted by the customer, which significantly attenuated the impact of wind on structures, with obvious benefits for both cost and simplicity of realization on site.
My conclusion is that the secret to winning for an engineering company is to find proper industrial placement, offering excellent performances, both technically and in terms of understand- ing the needs of our customers by demonstrating flexibility and willingness to tackle the increasingly complex challenges, inevitable today in the workplace, and beyond.


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