10 Reasons for choosing an XPod.

The RibRaft® X-Pod™ performs better and is more cost-effective on expansive clay

Fabio Parodi




This technology was launched four years ago with the Armadillo™ System, but it took nearly 18 months to pass Firth’s engineers rigorous due diligence process and to develop the components for the RibRaft® X-Pod™.
A great achievement from my team here at http://www.cresco.co.nz/
This year the new system came to life and with it my hopes to see a safer and more sustainable foundation system to be used on large scale throughout New Zealand.
With the RibRaft® X-Pod™ Firth is not only replacing their expanded polystyrene blocks from their successful RibRaft® System with stackable polypropylene pods but it is introducing a technology with better performance properties across the board.
So why is the RibRaft® X-Pod™ a better option?

#1 Polystyrene is substituted for recycled and suitable material.
Have a look at these posts: 5 Good reasons for not using Polystyrene in your foundation and Plastic void former’s for foundations.

#2 Dramatic minimization of site waste and site pollution.

1544 - 7 Glenturret Drive Christchurch - 27 Jun 2017 - 13-23 - p3IMG_1928

The RibRaft® X-Pod™ (on the left) can fit into any footprint layout thanks to a special part with adjustable length and virtually no waste is produced. Vice-versa the systems using polystyrene pods (on the right) generate tonnes of landfill waste every year.

#3 Greater ease of transportation and storage on site.

Doc - 9 May 2017 - 09-37[1]


All the RibRaft® X-Pod™ components are stackable. The components required to construct a home with a floor area of 180 sqm, can be delivered (and stored on site) using nothing larger than a standard single axle trailer. The equivalent material currently used for a waffle floor using polystyrene pods needs a 40ft container.

#4 Efficiency improvements across cost and install times.
The RibRaft® X-Pod™ performs better and is more cost-effective on expansive clay ground conditions and on TC2 sites than other systems currently available due to its reduced footprint and its special interweave pattern of ribs.
RibRaft® X-Pod™ is also an ‘INTERLOCKING’ system reducing steel ties. Installer’s simply click the steel into place. The system self-locks all components for an easy install.

#5 RibRaft® X-Pod™ is super stable in windy conditions and during concrete pours
There is not much to say here. Builders know well what I am talking about.

#6 Improved footprint pressure distribution.
An effective footprint pressure distribution onto the soil reduces the risk of foundation settlement. The RibRaft® X-Pod™ comes in two versions: The RibRaft® X-Pod™ 1500 suitable for good bearing ground and the RibRaft® X-Pod™ 750 effective on sites with reduced ground performance.

Pressures on ground comparison

#7 Increased punching resistance.
The patented design of the X-Pods molds the concrete delivering excellent resistance against concentrated loads acting on the slab.
Thanks to the enhanced footprint pressure distribution (see #6) and the increased punching resistance, it is not necessary (but subject to specific design) to build internal stiffening under bearing walls.

#8 Enhanced protection against moisture from the ground.
The X-Pods™ are made of Polypropylene and they offer an effective protection against moisture to the foundation reinforcing and the living spaces.

1541 - lot 5 Waterton point Lakehood - 13 Sep 2017 - 11-49[1].jpg

#9 Insulation performance is not affected by moisture.
Insulation performance of polystyrene degrades with the presence of moisture. The RibRaft® X-Pod™ guarantees a stable and effective insulation for the entire life of the foundation.

#10 Better finishing quality for polished floors.
No more poly beads floating to the top of the floor and getting in the way or creating gaps.


Fabio Parodi
CPEng (NZ-AU MIPENZ Dott.Ing(ITA) M.Eng(Hons)
CEO and Founding Director of Cresco 

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