Serchio Bridge

180 m high-tech in Tuscany.


Bronze medal to Cresco Group in an International competition for the design of a new bridge in Tuscany.

In 2014 Cresco, led by Aldo Signorelli as group leader, participated in a competition for the design of a new bridge over the Serchio river in Lucca (Tuscany). The construction of the bridge had a total budget of 35 million euros.
The new infrastructure in a single-span connects two diversified areas in a valuable environment.
This aspect generated uncommon difficulties and an integral design with a broader subject than just the structure was chosen. We have, therefore, promptly identified viable solutions for both the structure, for the logistics of working on site and for impacts on the environment.
Cresco’s teamwork with specialists, was able to offer a solution that exceeded the expectation of the Bidding Authority, focusing on the need to mitigate its environmental impact through integration of the bridge with the local architectures and landscapes.
In this perspective, Cresco designed some complementary works able to harmonize the bridge with the surroundings. The aim was to make the infrastructure interact simultaneously both with S. Quirico historical village and with the industrial zone on the opposite bank.

Despite the suspended road representing a physical connection over the Serchio river, it camouflages the natural landscape thanks to the visual effect obtained by tapering the deck section in the middle of the 180 m span.
Even though the design is a modern and direct consequence of technological progress, it is not conceptually different from one of the masterpieces  of medieval engineering: the fascinating “Ponte della Maddalena” on Serchio river.
The “Ponte della Maddalena” inspired the team work for a design that can effectively combine both the functional and the architectural aspect.
Cresco prevailed on many prestigious European entrants achieving the gratifying result and third place prize.


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