Crescolab is our R&D unit and its mission is to provide technical support for complex engineering problems invloving the use of new materials, techniques, or processes in innovative ways.

Armadillo™ Foundation System.

The Armadillo™ foundation system is a new concept for robust, cost effective and environmentally-aware waffle slabs. The Armadillo™ Pods shape the concrete with a unique interweaving pattern delivering extraordinary strength to the foundation and the Armadillo™ keystones help the builder to improve construction efficiency. The Armadillo™ is the ideal solution for soils prone to liquefaction becasue it has been designed to be easy re-levelled in case of subsidence of the ground.

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Armadillo Foundation System
Seimat Pixel

Seimat™ + Pixel™ Base Isolation.

TSeismat™, the revolutionary panel able to eliminate the friction betwwen two slabs, and Pixel™, the modular sliding bearing that allows maintenance of the sliding components via access through the floating floor, are world-first innovations and ultimate solutions for a cost effective seismic base isolation for homes and buildings.

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