CRESCO GROUP is a network based company that collects high profile specialist skills and offers, in an international arena, turnkey engineering services with an high added value.
Cresco is associated to OICE and works with a ISO EN 9001:2010 certified quality system by Sincert.


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Italian prerogative. Quality competes against quantity

Despite 95% of Italian companies employs less than 10 people a many of them of them successfully work in a global scale putting all their cards on excellence and quality in a wide range of disciplines.

Excellence means being able to draw the values of creativity and efficiency from a millennial cultural heritage by creating desire and reputation.

This fact is surprising considering that Italian companies have to face competitors with greater and greater financial resources, manpower and technologies.

It is still an even match but you might wonder for how long a team with three players on field, even if they are three champions, can compete against a team of eleven players who are becoming every day faster and faster.

Italy shows two different realities: there are companies that innovate, export and invest abroad, but also many others which are struggling to keep pace with technological changes and the international vision of labor.

All Italian companies, whether slow or speedy, are unfortunately on the same page when it comes to very little ability to joint venturing.

Companies that meet the challenge of globalization must be equipped and robust enough to move across the national border. Businesses that even with ardor take the challenge do not have often the critical mass in order to be deemed credible in a competition for the award of a contract.

This is one of the reasons why, since 2008, Cresco undertook a difficult but rational path, choosing the strategic model of the network that allows to complete prestigious jobs without renouncing its dynamism and one to one relationship with the client.

In 2014 Cresco has been enriched with the entry of two new branches: Cresco Milano and Cresco Engineers New Zealand Ltd demonstrating its strong intention to proceed on its development plan despite all the difficulties that the economic crisis is generating.

In Cresco it is all about doing the things for the better, creating value for our customers, cuddling them and, if possible, surprising them.

Cresco Magazine was born in this perspective collecting experiences from around the world and giving a voice to people who, in the last instance, decreed our success: our customers.

To make the "Cresco" brand an international benchmark of quality in engineering is still a long way ahead and we are aware that it is an ambitious challenge.

Lamborghini with just 1,000 employees (5% of Porsche manpower) is able to make the world fall in love. Will we be able to do the same?


The word “Internet” comes from the contraction of “interconnected networks”. It was invented in 1969 thanks to the French Arpanet experience and in 1991 it evolved in the World Wide Web we all know. However, the generic term "network" appeared more than 2000 years before, in the Greek language, to define a set of entities (objects, people, etc.) that were somehow linked together. A network allowed the circulation of tangible or intangible elements between each of these entities according to well-defined rules. Even the Romans, anticipating the idea of globalization and integration, had conceived the road and hydraulic network. Nowadays, in the digital age, not just material but also intangible goods including knowledge, technology and culture are able to circulate.

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The shaft of the arrow: the episodes that gave strength and direction to Cresco growth

18th October 2011. 16:30 p.m. The office is in turmoil, we are preparing for a delivery. It seems clear that everyone knows what to do. The feeling I have is to attend a sporting event and to see a team that repeats with certainty the moves learned in many hours of training. I see Marco beginning to affix the stamps of the approval on the output drawings. The delivery will be on time.

19th October 2011. 8:15 a.m. Fabio approaches me visibly satisfied. I return the same expression and I ask him how many people are working for us at that moment. "About fifty, dad" , his mobile rings, he makes a nod and moves on. Approximately fifty… About 8.000 hours of work in a month, I reflect for a moment on the figure, I conclude that this is something amazing. 
In just ten years an individual professional studio has turned into this sort of task force which with its responsiveness, flexibility and specialization is able to get results while large engineering companies are often ineffective. I sometimes think about the road we made.

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